The L.C. Whitford Company, Inc., is a general contractor specializing in bridge construction.

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Focused in the Southeast

The Southeast Division of The L. C. Whitford Co., Inc. (LCW) is located just north of Atlanta, Georgia in the town of Alpharetta. It is here where LCW acquired 9 acres of property and built its new operating facilities in 2001. Although Alpharetta, Georgia is home to the company, LCW travels to construction projects throughout the Southeast.

LCW is primarily focused on highway and bridge construction. Over the past 20+ years, the majority of work performed has involved bridge structure rehabilitation and highway sign projects. As a general contractor, however, LCW has also constructed many different types of roadway, commercial, and park projects for various owners.

Among the company’s list of clients are the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, Georgia Department of Transportation, City of Atlanta, MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority), Norfolk Southern Railway Company, Oglethorpe Power Corporation, South Carolina Department of Transportation, and many other local governments and businesses.

Most of our roadway and bridge projects are “fast track”, meaning that the operations must be completed in a very short duration in order to minimize the traffic flow disruption. On highway projects typically the work must be completed during nighttime and/or weekend hours only. On railroad projects this might mean only a few hours of work time before the next train arrives; it could also mean working a major holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas in order to satisfy our client. LCW specializes in this type of work and prides itself as a contractor who can safely deliver top-quality craftsmanship while under demanding time constraints.


It all started in 1995

In 1995, The L.C. Whitford Co, Inc. (LCW) opened an office in Atlanta, Georgia specifically to find work associated with the 1996 Summer Olympics. While LCW did receive several contracts with the Olympic Planning Committee, one of the first contracts was for the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).

A majority of the work constructed since 1995 has been for GDOT. This work has included major bridge repairs on Interstate routes throughout the State (I-85, I-75, I-285, I-20, I-520, I-16, and I-95).

In 1998, The L.C. Whitford Co., Inc. became one of only two construction companies in Georgia that is certified to work on historic bridges and has restored several historic covered bridges since then.

Soon after arriving in Georgia, LCW purchased nine acres of land in Alpharetta and in 2001, built new operating facilities including an office, shop, warehouse, and yard.

In 2004, LCW became the first contractor to utilize a composite steel grid deck with precast concrete slab design on an Interstate bridge for GDOT. The unique design afforded for bridge deck replacements during weekend hours, hence not restricting the heavy traffic flow during normal weekday business hours on I-285 in Atlanta.

In 2008, LCW Southeast Division began performing bridge repair work across the Southeast for Norfolk Southern Railway Corporation.

In 2010, LCW continued expansion of its customer base in the Southeast by acquiring prequalification status with neighboring States: Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT), South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT), and Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).

Additionally, in 2010, GDOT awarded LCW an emergency bridge repair project on I-20 in Atlanta. Work consisted of structural repairs to abutments, approach slabs, bearings, and edge beams on the I-20 EB & WB bridges over Sweetwater Creek and Six Flags Drive. The bridges also received hydro-demolition and concrete overlay.

In 2012, LCW was selected as the first contractor to construct a design-build sign project for GDOT. The work consisted of replacing signs and pavement markings at 295 intersections located throughout District 3.

In 2015, LCW was selected by GDOT to perform emergency bridge repairs to the I-95 Bridge over SR 17 near Savannah, GA when a tractor-trailer carrying an excavator hit and damaged nine steel girders. Seven beams were replaced and two were heat-straightened. Work also entailed the removal and replacement of the concrete deck, edge beams, diaphragms, anchor bolts, bearings, and concrete side barrier. All work, including traffic shifts, was completed in 10 days which was 4 days ahead of the accelerated GDOT allotted time schedule.

In 2016, LCW was selected as the first contractor to construct Cathodic Protection Pile Encasements for GDOT. There were a total of 138 pile jacket encasements on these first two projects in Glynn County. The majority of work took place at the I-95 Bridge over the Little Satilla River.


What we do

Bridge Work

The L.C. Whitford Co., Inc. (LCW) is well experienced in all types of bridge construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance. The company has performed a multitude of tasks ranging from large to small.

LCW was the first contractor selected by GDOT to construct a composite steel grid deck with precast concrete slabs on the Interstates of Georgia.

LCW is one of only a few construction companies in Georgia that is certified to work on historic bridges and has restored several landmark covered bridges for the Georgia Department of Transportation. LCW was the first contractor selected by GDOT to construct Cathodic Protection Pile Jackets.

LCW is proud to consistently be one of the select few contractors invited by GDOT to perform various types of emergency bridge repairs.

Some of the major bridge items constructed by LCW include:

Highway Work

The L. C. Whitford Co., Inc. (LCW) has the capability of constructing many different types of roadway projects. The company has the flexibility of performing all size projects, from replacing a resident’s driveway to constructing a new section of roadway on the Interstate. LCW has built miles of sound barrier wall, replaced miles of concrete roadway, and erected hundreds of sign structures for the Georgia Department of Transportation. Some of the major roadway items constructed by LCW include:

Commercial Work

The L. C. Whitford Co., Inc. (LCW) has experience constructing commercial buildings, site development, parks, and recreation projects. LCW’s 6,000 SF office building, 4,000 SF warehouse, and 8.5-acre construction yard in Alpharetta were developed and constructed by the Company. LCW also has the unique experience of constructing park projects while preserving the natural setting of the sensitive historic environment. These projects require special qualifications and experience levels in which LCW prides itself. Some of the major commercial items constructed by LCW include:

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