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LCW can handle all of your industry and environmental requirements.

Utilizing polyurea spray-on coatings and secondary/primary containment units, LCW can offer solutions for all your needs.

Polyurea is a state of the art, high performance, elastomeric membrane. It provides a flexible, tough, resilient monolithic membrane for a wide range of applications:

  • Secondary Containment Coating & Systems
  • Storage Tank Coating Systems
  • Drill Pad Liner “RoboPad”
  • FRAC Pit Liners
  • Foam Breaks
  • Insulated Pipe Systems

RoboLiner is a composite pure spray polyurea secondary containment system. It arrives fully cured and ready for rapid installation.

  • Variety of Sizes
  • Pre-manufactured robotically in a controlled environment
  • Less time on site, means reduced down time and lower mobilization cost
  • Meets EPA regulations
  • Reduced material waste
  • Cost efficient

LCW is a certified installer for Bridge Preservation, VersaFlex and Roboliner products. Contact LCW for additional information on our complete line of polyurea products and applications.