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History of Materials Division

Quality precast and prestressed concrete products since 1980 from the company that has served the construction industry of New York State for more than ninety years

The L. C. Whitford Material Co. Inc's (LCW) in-house quality control technicians operate in strict adherence to DOT and PCI requirements for every item we produce. No one wants a superior product more than LCW does.

LCW was the first company in New York to provide beams manufactured from 10,000 psi, High Performance Concrete (HPC).

The Company incorporates specialty admixtures and protective sealants in every beam we produce ensuring a bridge that will last for generations.

LCW has been Precasting for over 25 years,

Ready-Mix producers for over 50 years,

Contractors for more than 90 years

LCW trucking capacity has enabled them to deliver:

14 beams/day for 3 consecutive days for a bridge on Staten Island,

16 beams/day for 10 consecutive days for a project in Buffalo.

LCW understands construction schedules and the importance of timely deliveries.

LCW manufactures and deliver:

Box Beams,

Slab Units,

Bulb-Tee Girders,


Temporary Median Barriers

Double Tees,

Inverted Tees,


And LCW is a DOT approved Rebar Fabricator Contact us for your special projects.