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Box Beam

The L. C. Whitford Materials Co., Inc. (LCW) has produced prestressed concrete beams over 130 feet long and up to 73 tons in weight, with it's group of dedicated professionals working together to bring thier products to you within budget and on time. The Company's commitment to quality has allowed us to become both PCI and DOT certified. Call LCW to discover how using prestressed concrete technology will save you both time and money.

Arch Beam Sections

LCW has manufactured prestressed beams on a curved soffit to create an arch profile which is a strong architectural feature. LCW has produced arch beams in sections 75 Ft. long by 36 in. and 48 in. widths. The arch section rose 2-1/2 Ft. above the lowest point of the beam.

To increase the architectural possibilities of these new bridge sections a stone ledge can be incorporated into the design. This ledge follows the arch contour and allows the installation of a stone facing to the final bridge structure.