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Highway Work

The L. C. Whitford Co., Inc. (LCW) has the capability of constructing many different types of roadway projects. The company has the flexibility of performing all size projects, from replacing a resident's driveway to constructing a new section of roadway on the Interstate. LCW has built miles of sound barrier wall, replaced miles of concrete roadway, and erected hundreds of sign structures for the Georgia Department of Transportation. Some of the major roadway items constructed by LCW include:

    • Concrete roadway paving
    • Concrete roadway slab replacements
    • Concrete barrier
    • Concrete approach slabs
    • Concrete spillways
    • Concrete driveways, sidewalks, and curb
    • Sound barrier
    • Concrete glare screen
    • Overhead Sign Structures
    • Street signs
    • Strain poles
    • Chain link fence
    • Storm drain pipe and structures
    • Tie-back retaining walls

Photos of past projects can be found in the photo gallery section.