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Bridge Work

The L.C. Whitford Co., Inc. (LCW) is well experienced in all types of bridge construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance. The company has performed a multitude of tasks ranging from replacing entire bridge structures to replacing the expansion joints on a single span bridge. LCW was the first contractor selected by GDOT to construct a composite steel grid deck with precast concrete slabs on the Interstates of Georgia. LCW is one of only a few construction companies in Georgia that is certified to work on historic bridges and has restored several landmark covered bridges for the Georgia Department of Transportation. Some of the major bridge items constructed by LCW include:

    • Restoration of historical covered bridges
    • Bridge construction
    • Bridge deck replacements (Conventional and Composite Decking)
    • Concrete bridge deck overlays
    • Polymer bridge deck overlays
    • Structural steel repairs
    • Bridge beam replacements (Concrete and Steel)
    • Bridge edge beam replacements
    • Bridge joint replacements (Evazote and Silicone)
    • Epoxy concrete headers
    • Bridge jacking and bearing replacement
    • Bridge pile encasements (Concrete and Epoxy)
    • Bridge fence installation

Photos of past projects can be found in the photo gallery section.