Our Benefits

1. THE HISTORY – We have been in business for over 20 years as precasters, 50 years as ready mix producers and more than 80 years as contractors. we know concrete. we have been making it since cement came in wooden kegs.

2. THE BASIC INGREDIENT – Concrete is the oldest and soundest building material yet devised and it competes well with steel and plastic. in fact we, and the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians whose 2000 to 3000 year old concrete structures are still standing, think it is better.

3. THE TECHNOLOGY – Advances in chemistry have led the way to "high performance concrete" with greatly increased strength to weight ratio. we pioneered H.P.C. in New York state.

4. THE QUALITY – Our in-house Quality Control technicians operate in strict adherance to NYSDOT and PennDOT specifications and we are PCI certified. Every beam we produce< no matter who the customer< is. subject to our strict QC procedures. No one wants a superior product more than we do.

5. THE DIVERSITY – Besides beams, we've built retaining walls, sound walls, check dams, box culverts, median barriers, bunker silos and even parking bumpers. we hope you'll contact us with your special projects.

6. THE SAFETY – The use of precast reduces on-site labor and limits long and dangerous detours making projects a little safer.

7. THE DURABILILTY – Unlike some producers, we incorporate corrosion inhibiting ad-mixtures and protective sealants in every beam we produce ensuring a bridge that will last for generations. you will also save on expensive maintenance by eliminating the risk of the rust and rot inherent with steel and timber structures.

8. THE DELIVERY – We have excellent trucking capacity and have delivered 14 beams per day for 3 consecutive days for a bridge on staten island and 16 beams per day for 10 consecutive days for a project in buffalo. we understand schedules.

9. THE PRICE - We don't mind fair competition. Add us to your bidder list and you'll be assured fo the best possible product at the lowest prices.

10. THE PEOPLE –Our people are well skilled and highly motivated "beaming with pride" over their work in New York and Pennsylvania. If you would like to visit our plant in beautiful Allegany county, just give us a call.