New England Bulb T

The L. C. Whitford Company has successfully cast and delivered the first bulb tee girders manufactured with high performance concrete (HPC) for a NYSDOT project. These were installed on Route 89 over Glenwood Creek in Tompkins County. Six girders, 1400 mm - NEBT (55") deep section, with a 32 m (105') span, were installed in two phases to maintain traffic flow on the bridge. Each phase required installation of three girders, composite deck and connecting diaphragms.

There are several bulb-tee sections acceptable for use on NYSDOT work with depths range from 1000 mm (39.4") to 1800 mm (70.9") providing simple-span lengths from 70' to 150' with HS20 loading. The top flange has a standard width of 1200 mm (47.25 ins), and the bottom flange width is 810 mm (31.9 ins). The web or stem width is 180 mm (7.1 ins).

Arch Beam Sections

The L. C. Whitford Co. Inc. now manufactures Arch Beams. The arch concept, invented by the Romans, and used since that time is a symbol of strength and integrity and a strong architectural feature. We have produced Arch Beams in sections 23 meters (75 Ft.) long by 900 mm to 1200 mm (3 to 4 Ft.) wide. The arch section rose 710 mm (2-1/2 Ft.) above the lowest point of the beam.

To increase the architectural possibilities of these new bridge sections a stone ledge has been incorporated into the design. This ledge follows the arch contour and allows the installation of a stone facing to the final bridge structure. This finish can add local character and blends well with a variety of surround