L.C. Whitford Corporate Home

The L.C. Whitford Co., Inc., is a general contractor specializing in bridge construction. This family-run business, based in Wellsville, NY, operates primarily throughout New York State and Pennsylvania, with a second division in Atlanta, GA. Throughout it's 100-year history, L.C. Whitford has built many of the landmarks in Western New York, from bridges and highways to libraries and hospitals, and is known as one of the areas most respected and innovative builders.

In addition to construction, L.C. Whitford operates a materials company, which manufactures pre-stressed structural components, pre-stressed concrete beams, pre-stressed concrete parking garages and rebar fabrication. It also operates an equipment company, which sells and rents forestry and construction equipment throughout New York State and Pennsylvania. These branches serve to support and streamline our own projects, and also supply materials and equipment to other companies.